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contextualizing the gospel

whenever i pull out my old michael w. smith tapes, renee' claps her hands over her ears, and rightly so. talk about your cheesy music. but that's a part of what made me first prick up my ears to the message of the gospel. i'm continually amazed @ the newest generation of xtians and their ability to put the gospel in clear terms for xers, millenials, whatevers. case in point, switchfoot's dare you to move video, which i think is almost perfect. makes me want to sit down w/ these guys and hear their stories, just like i hope my actions and words make other people want to sit w/ me and hear mine (preferably w/ a beverage on a porch). the only way we'll persuade 20somethings of the truth of the gospel is if we live it w/ integrity and, firstly, put it in their lingua franca, which is art, narrative, music, ourselves. kudos to switchfoot and other bands that engage the culture w/ their message of forgiveness but shy away from the cheese. i thank you, and my wife thanks you.


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