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real live preacher

interestingly, it seems that 'bloggers travel in the same circles. often when i'm surfing about, checking up on the thoughts o' the day from the other inhabitants of the blogosphere, i come across the same names and sites again and again. take, for instance, gordon atkinson nee real live preacher, whom i link to my left and your left, is a daily surf stop for me. my old friend seth @ mr. otis has written glowingly about rlp. then, just this morning, i came across an older post, scott korb's review of real live preacher @ therevealer.org. for those of you who find rlp's writing beautiful or thought provoking, whether you agree w/ it or not, it might be an interesting review to read, w/ particular attention to the comments, some from rlp himself. i can't say that i agree w/ everything rlp writes, but he certainly does it w/ panache and, needless to say, in a manner far superior to anything you're ever likely to read in these here "pages." btw, he's even got a book deal now! just be careful if you ask him to sign a copy. ;)


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