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decoding da vinci again

this issue just won't die. indeed, dan brown's book has been on the nyt bestseller list for over 60 weeks (and, if i'm not mistaken, it's the "most-'blogged book" on the web these days), and there's now a plethora of books surfacing that claim to debunk brown. martha giltinan (thanks, mother!) sent around a link to charles colson's commentary on darrell bock's breaking the da vinci code, which purports to do just that. amy welborn has a book, too, called de-coding da vinci. i haven't read any of the debunking books, although i have opined from the pulpit that brown's book is essentially, ahem, a load of poo, scholarship-wise. there's something about us in the west, though -- we like to make up our own theology. just make it up! and we love conspiracy theories (vanity fair had a piece last month [i think] about just how goofy we have to be to hang on to some of our beloved theories). anyway, i'm not going to post about the book any more, but i thought i'd pass along the links for those of you who may be interested or, more likely, have friends who believe they are discovering the long-buried "truth" in brown's fiction.


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