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where have all the comments gaw-aw-aw-aaawwn?

(hum tune to annoying paula cole song while reading post title)
testing, testing. one, two. anyone out there? i'm not necessarily trying to gin up feedback, but i just want to be sure that my comments feature works. when i didn't even get a rise out of my mother after advocating legalization of marijuana, i began to wonder in earnest whether anyone actually reads this thing @ all. just curious.

update: oops. a trusty emailer reports that he can't comment on [rd] unless he has a blogger password, which is a hoop through which i don't want to force people to jump. i'll go about setting up yaccs or a similar service again soon.

update to the update: oops again. i sniffed around the comment clicky-deal myself, and it appears that you don't have to have a blogger acct to post; you can do so anonymously just by making 1 more click, but if you have a blogger account it'll remember your info like typepad and other platforms seem to do. so i take back the yaccs stuff; i'm sticking w/ blogger's built-in.


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