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what's bazan singing about?

wifey caught me singing a facially "morbid" song under my breath today. i really don't think it's morbid @ all, though. so -- look @ the lyrics and tell me what this ptl song is about. i think i know, but i'm always reading my own preconceptions into things. just curious what others thought.

engine severs lower legs
i feel my bruised heart beating
spinal cord remains intact
still sending and receiving
lying back on shoulder blades
cargo rushing past
missing limbs beneath the cars
twitching on the tracks
click clack now handicapped
north am transcontinental
i remember as i bleed
certain tales of bravery
a man who's legs were trapped beneath
a fallen evergreen tree
he decided he would chop them off above the knee
to sacrifice his shins and feet to set his torso free
the luxury of having been spared the hard part
you'd think would be enough for me to pull this off
but i'm left to bleed to death
now all the man i've ever been
north am transcontinental

(purevolume's got a download available, if you want to hear it and don't have achilles heel (and i don't, but i'd be delighted for you to buy it for me -- heck, buy me anything, i'm not choosy!))


  • At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am sorry, but that song is truly quite morbid. Your conscience abandoned you and went with that train.


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