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ha! i return!

how better to come out of month-long semi-retirement than to list a few o' the things that have kept me entertained of late (w/ cites) b/tw diapers?
  • addictive kol video (ht: hot dog records) - the desire to tell others about this was probably the driving force behind my reemergence
  • lists @ mcsweeneys.net (ht: kottke.org) - do these people have jobs?
  • pokey
  • the wire, season 2 - one of the best tv series of all time
  • a playoff push by the green that hasn't been televised (admittedly 4 of 5 games have been lopsided, and the celts are on their way out), and a sucky start to the sox' season
  • burning the grump - i went to law school w/ the driver/vw dude, and i found this ifilm on imdb
so, how have y'all been?


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