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that's what i've been sayin'

a quote for those who believe the world longs for the xtian metanarrative:
[s]ome young folk do persevere and prevail: those who are dissatisfied with mere material toys and illusions of security. they hunger for something more, thirst for something deeper. they want caring attention, wise guidance, and compassionate counsel. they desire democratic individuality, community, and society. they know something is wrong with america and something is missing in their lives. they long for energizing visions worthy of pursuit and sacrifice that will situate their emaciated souls in a story bigger than themselves and locate their inflated egos (that only conceal deep insecurities and anxieties) in a narrative grander than themselves.
cornel west, democracy matters: winning the fight against imperialism (new york: penguin, 2004), 177.


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