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one down, one to go

for a guy who doesn't have cable, i've been watching a boatload of sports lately. b/tw the nba and stanley cup finals, both of which air on broadcast tv (thank you, sweet jesus!), i've been riveted every night for more than a week. renee' has gotten some good rest, needless to say. now that i watched the 'canes skate the cup (i pulled for edmonton, but i did like the one guy on the ice @ the end tonight w/ a whalers sweater on), all i have left is to put the nba to bed, especially since thursday's u.s. world cup match is on espn or some such elitist network. finally, i'm almost back to reading books -- and the sox on mlb.com audio.


  • At 4:23 PM, Blogger seth said…

    You pulled for Edmonton? How could you?

  • At 1:06 AM, Blogger sammy said…

    oops. i actually forgot you are in carolina now. sorry about that. i must say that i was glad to see laviolette win (former bruins ass't that he is), but i have this thing against expansion teams (or new cities, in this case) win championships when the bruins and celtics currently suck. thus, i pulled for the storied franchise against the upstart region. please forgive me.


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