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dc4free#16: alexandria festival of the arts/arts safari

we can't seem to stay away from old town alexandria for long. this news is a week old now, but renee' and i took the kiddies out to the festival of the arts last saturday (the day upon which notre dame actually won). i enjoyed watching the people way more than looking @ the art, which was from all over the u.s. but was almost uniformly boring or tastelessly kitschy (little metal sculptures of dogs peeing and the like).

we did get to stroll by the river, and the kids got balloon animals, a now expected party favor from a day in alexandria.
plus, elmo got to try out some facepainting @ the arts safari in the torpedo factory, so she had a grand old time. in sum, it was a nice day (spectacular weather), but uneventful; far from being the best of our dc4free weekends.


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