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dc4free#24: airshow

don't get to post much anymore, what w/ all my important sportscenter-watching duties and all, but recently we did get out to a free event @ andrews air force base in md. we took the kids on a train-bus trek to the base to see an airshow featuring the air force thunderbirds and some little plane called the f-22 raptor (the website plays "highway to the danger zone," no kidding). not being a very militaristic guy, i was a bit skeptical about the show, but when we got there i was amazed @ what these planes can do. they're incredibly loud and fast, but what stunned me was that they can almost stop in mid-air (i'm sure they're still flying hundreds of miles per hour, but the effect is that they appear to practically hover). i had no idea.

the kids had a great time (they probably enjoyed riding the metro as much as anything), and paddy literally vibrated when the planes would buzz us. all in all, a nice saturday.


  • At 12:22 PM, Blogger spankey said…

    dude, the f-22 raptor is the sickest piece of aircraft on the planet. they did the fly over at the indy 500 and then were parked next to our little 6-seater on the ramp at indy international... holy crap.

    anyway, glad to have found your blog.


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