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Dr. K @ GU

Bringing my longstanding hero worship and my current vocational responsibilities into a violent clash (the latter wins out, btw -- I'll most certainly be @ mass), Dr. Tim Keller is scheduled to speak @ the Veritas Forum on the campus of Georgetown University tomorrow night. I was pleasantly surprised to learn from this interview @ First Things: On the Square that Dr. Keller's book has reached #18 on NYT. I say it the news was pleasant, but it was certainly a surprise to me because I have been assuming we've heard all but the last, faint echoes of the death knell of apologetics in the West due to what Keller calls the "cumulative" effects of the "the rise of narrative and loss of trust in logic," plus a "rationality-attention-deficit disorder." Keller seems to hold out hope that "something of a mixture of logic and personal appeal" can still move people. Perhaps I was wrong in my initial suspicion that The Reason for God is answering questions that a broad swath of the populace just isn't asking anymore. We'll see.


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