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american splendor

alas, kathleen turner overdrive is no more. henceforth, for @ least 2 days, this little corner of the web shall be called i am harvey pekar. a bit o' background: my friend, dennis, started blogging sometime last night. this morning, i realized 2 things: (a) he's a better writer than me; and (2) he actually says something when he writes. got me to thinking about american splendor, a movie imdb touts as "an original mix of fiction and reality [that] illuminates the life of comic book hero everyman harvey pekar." i saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was fantastic. of course, any movie whose credits, in order of appearance, begin with "superman, batman, robin, green lantern . . ." is by definition fantastic. paul giamatti is brilliant, as he was in the negotiator, thus offsetting his complicity in big momma's house. note to reader: rest asssured that will be the only time you'll ever see a link to big momma's house on your blog of record.

anyhoo, seeing as how i be more "everyman" than literary titan: blog, retitle thyself!

oh, and in the words of jaspreet nijher and some other guy i can't recall, beware today.


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