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2 out of 3 bloghoppers agree . . .

i suck. no kidding. i placed a little link to bloghop.com in my sidebar to see if people would actually vote on whether they liked my weblog, and so far i've got 2 "love its," 2 "sucks," and 2 "hate it" (w/ italics for emphasis). and i've got 1 "ok," which throws off my neat little "2 out of 3" analysis. i knew when i started writing stuff that people would wander, perhaps foolishly, into these pages, and i stated from the outset that one motivation for my writing was to figure out what i think about some of the issues i address. so i'm not @ all bummed that some people thought so little of my writing to exercise the franchise and declare "alas, he sucketh!" one thing i do wish, though, is that when people stop by, read and are put off, that they'd leave a comment so we could have a "conversation" (big episcopal word) about it. admittedly, some if not most of the topics i touch on are controversial; where's the fun in writing about things upon which everybody agrees? but when i've read other people's weblogs and posted what could be considered negative comments, often they have responded w/ a comment, another post, or even started a chain of email correspondence, after which we sometimes agree and sometimes must agree to disagree. i appreciate all the good comments i get, and many of them have led me to other topics or websites where i've learned something i didn't know before. anyway, i'm not complaining. if you think i suck, i hope you take 15 seconds to vote that way. it'd just be cool if we could talk about it, too.

then again . . . maybe 2 out of 3 of you are in actuality yankee fans.


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