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today's globe has a story about the spot in which bishop tom shaw has found himself, i.e., getting pressure from both sides in the same-sex marriage debate w/in the ecusa. i found the article very interesting, not only b/c bishop shaw is my bishop, but b/c i consider bishop shaw, the rev. bill wallace of emmanuel church in the back bay (who has already performed 3 such ceremonies) and the rev. bill murdoch of all saints west newbury (who is a leader in the aac movement in the commonwealth, but whose church's website curiously brings up information on mail order prescriptions for lamisil) to be friends of mine. maybe that'll give you an indication of how uncomfortable i am w/ this whole mess. there are people whom i love dearly on both sides, both in mass. and here in mississippi, so no matter where i stand i'm on the other side of the aisle from friends.


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