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dc4free: interlude

no freebies this week, unless you count moving, which (a) was far from free, (2) was absolutely no fun, and (D) is still going on.

so, the good news is: we're in our new apt. on the 3d floor of the parish house @ asa. the bad news: apparently we should've relocated to an ark. it's been raining like crazy in dc for 3 days, ever since we moved into our nice little apt., which now has a big hole in the ceiling of the living room from whence rain drops keep falling on our heads. so, there's that. we even had to find an alternate route here from our old apt in alexandria b/c the 12th st. tunnel flooded. and i've got to find another part-time job to supplement our income and fill up the hours that i don't spend as pastoral ass't @ the church. on a related note, and to continue our diluvian theme, my first official task as pastoral ass't was to wet vac out the water that flooded the church undercroft. as you can see, i've precious little time for posting these days, but things will settle down soon.

unless an earthquake hits.


  • At 9:28 AM, Blogger seth said…

    Wow, that sounds like lots of fun! Two kids, moving, flooding, wet-vac. I offer you my strong, unflinching, distant, moral support. Do with it what you will.


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