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dc4free#7 thru 10:trifecta!

yesterday was a very productive day, dc4free-style. we loaded up the mini-v and headed back to our old stompin' grounds (what exactly does that mean?) in alexandria for the friendship firehouse festival, where paddy danced in the street to a beatles cover band, elmo got a red plastic firefighter's hat and pop got part of a hot dog (always a plus). i also chuckled that the t-shirt worn by the band's bassist, a physics teacher, listed pi to a pretty substantial number of digits. i'll admit that i'm mathematically inept, but i did dig that pi movie.

after about 45 mins @ the fff, we headed down to the potomac for the waterfront park irish festival. the festival raises money toward the ballyshaners' st. patrick's day parade in old town alexandria. @ this stop, paddy danced an irish jig in the grass, elmo got a green balloon, mommy got the leftovers from elmo's blue sno-cone, and pop got a guinness (as ellie says, a very plus!).

but the 3d outing was the charm -- we finished the day in centreville, va @ the summer's first "starlight cinema." ellie got to jump in the moonbounce thingy, paddy worked on his flirtation skills, and we all watched the first part of madagascar under the stars (i dig that movie, too, but it started late so we didn't stay for it all). for mom and pop, the best thing was seeing both kids having a ball, and it sure didn't suck that it cost us nothin' but some gas. if you're in the area the next 3 weekends or so, they fire up the projector again on saturday nights, and it really was a lot of fun.


  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger Josiah said…

    Guiness is good for you.

    Much better than the sox right now.


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