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dc4free#3: independence day

in the wake of the folk festival fiasco, we ventured out for the 4th w/ some trepidation (and, to be honest, unspoken -- and unwarranted -- concerns about terrorists) for the 4th of july celebration in d.c. it was great! first, we wilted for a couple of hours watching the parade down constitution ave., then retired to the coolness of our apt. to watch, of all things, international sporting events, namely the tour de france and the spain/germany world cup match. our friend dave came by and accompanied us to the mall for the evening, during which we got jiggy w/ hare krishnas and listened to some xtn rock. apparently the area b/tw the capitol and the washingon monument was set aside for dueling religous groups. happily, there was no violence, just moshing. we capped the night watching the fireworks spectacular (thank god we were out of range for soundwaves from the stevie wonder/vanessa williams spectacular). had a great time and redeemed our faith that this city can sustain us w/ fun free entertainment for a year.


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