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greatest walkoff?

apologies to papi, but an old friend (and a manager dennis won't speak of) did him one better last night, if only b/c of what led up to it. down 9-5 in the bottom of the 9th, the dodgers hit 4 back-to-back homers to tie. now, 4 in a row's only been done 3 other times in mlb history, but after giving up one in the top of the 10th, nomar hit a 2-run shot to stinkin' win the game and yank back 1st place in the west. there are video clips @ mlb.com, but vin scully had the call and made it sound almost boring. i heard charlie steiner's radio call this morning on mike & mike, and it gave me chills (even though i hate, hate, hate the dodgers). if anyone finds a clip of the kfwb call online, email me.

(speaking of steiner, this is always worth 46 seconds)

  • update: i just heard the call again on dan patrick's radio show, and it is awesome. i'm telling you -- go find a clip of it somewhere.


  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Josiah said…

    nah, i can speak of grady little now, even without giving him a middle name that starts with f. after the world series win and this years collapse and the continued running into the ground of the team by its general manager, oh yeah, and the continued ineptitude of the manager and pitching coach to actually manage their pitchers, i've got no emotions left.

    the sox are screwed for years to come.


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