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O, fie upon thee, Shelfari

An open letter to all my (former) friends:

Please accept my sincerest apologies for inviting you, along with all the other 600+ people in my gmail address book, to join shelfari. I had no intention of inviting anybody to do anything of the sort. I haven't the time to read all the emails I got yesterday that were some permutation of: "Dude, why in the world did you send invites to some book thing to all 4 of my email addresses? What the f*#@ were you thinking??" Suffice it to say, I was just surfing around, exploring the website, when suddenly I was tricked into inviting everyone I know to join up. It shall not happen again. Or @ least I hope not.



p.s. You should really sign up for Facebook and use the Books iRead app, though. It's the awesomest. Trust me.
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