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watercolors and work

i'm sitting in my office shooting out mundane emails and answering the phone. i click on the link for the lenten watercolors i sent to our 20/30s group earlier this week, and i think "why can't that be my job?" then i come across this post @ the agora about god's glory in the monotony of work .

thanks be to god.

if your life is all keystrokes and depositions and deliveries and tomes of reading, maybe you should be reminded (as should i) how much god glories in all that stuff. "the preacher" (aka tim keller) says a mother combing her daughter's hair is bringing order out of chaos, and that's the work of god.



my favorite songs

last night caught me in a contradiction: i told a friend that "baker street" might be my all-time favorite song (heard a snippet of it when we recently watched a guide to recognizing your saints, although the best use in a movie has to be the slo-mo brawl in good will hunting), although i recently posted that "creep" held the #1 spot. the problem is i just can't quantify songs i like in a way that assists in making a true "top 10" list. it depends on the day, the season, whether i read the bible that morning, what i ate, how many beers i've had, who i just listened to, whether i'm trying to impress someone, whatever. but, for the sake of the exercise, here's a top 10 for 4:21 p.m. on 3.20.3007:

  1. radiohead, "creep"
  2. al stewart, "baker street"
  3. player, "baby come back" (seriously)
  4. david wilcox, "how did you find me here"
  5. blue mountain, "jimmy carter"
  6. richard shindell, "the next best western"
  7. john williams, "the pulse of events" (meet the press theme song)
  8. beastie boys, "shake your rump"
  9. derek webb, "wedding dress"
  10. harvey danger, "cream and bastards rise" (you can download the whole album here)

honorable mention: al stewart, "year of the cat"

ok, during the time it took to type that list, it changed, so this isn't definitive.

delta spirit

no chickens were harmed during the making of this video. very nice song, in a kings of leon kind of way. thanks to cory for the link.

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i hate to keep doing this nate, but jk beat me to something again, namely an old you-tube clip of my all-time favorite song. oh, that makes me feel like i was way back in, way back in, uh, my last year of law school. damn, i'm old.


art in the anglo-catholic church

thoughts from daniel siedell on visual arts and "spanning the space" b/tw the emerging church and the anglo-catholic church

15 minutes - 50 states

thanks to an old link from kottke.org, i find myself sitting @ my desk this morning, w/ way too much to do already, and trying to name all 50 u.s. states in 15 minutes. i got 49 in 6 minutes (a fact i'm not all that proud of, really), but it took me until minute 11 to get the last one (our esteemed vp's homestate, which i don't want to name so as not to give you a freebie in case you decide to play the game).
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