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sometimes simpler is better

my name is paikea apirana, and i come from a long line of chiefs . . . .

last summer my friend reed came to visit us in marblehead, and, as always, talk turned round to movies. she had recently seen whale rider, and she raved about the story of conflict b/tw a grandfather's belief in a traditional way of life and his granddaughter's obvious transcendence of that belief. tonight, renee' and i finally watched it, and it was wonderful in the literal sense of the word. it's a simple story about real people, told w/o adornment, beautifully directed and edited. and, although i bucked the trend among my friends in that i actually enjoyed minghella's cold mountain, in my opinion the academy made the same mistake as whale rider's koro -- they overlooked keisha castle-hughes. she was the best actress in a leading role, hands down. watch the movie, and tell me i'm wrong.


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